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  • Miracle League of Camden County

    We are excited to announce that this year's Camden County Football Liftathon will be associated with a local charity called the Miracle League of Camden County (formerly known as Justin's Miracle Field) and will be sponsored by Jane Brown's State Farm Insurance Agency. This means a portion of our fundraising proceeds will go toward supporting the Miracle League of Camden County. This portion will be matched by Jane Brown's State Farm Insurance Agency. So, not only will the football team be raising money to support their own program, but we will also be helping a charity that gives back to our local community that allows children with disabilities the opportunity to be athletes in their own competitive league. This is a win-win for everyone. We want to express our gratitude to Jane Brown and her agency for their sponsorship, because it gives back to this community in a very special way and it also supports this football program.

    The Lift-a-thon event, where the players will be tested on the Power Clean, will be held Monday, July 23rd at 6 pm. We want everyone to come out and support our Wildcat players that night More importantly we want everyone to support them financially so that they can have the funds needed for a successful season, while also knowing that they can help the Miracle League of Camden County. The players have been divided into competitive teams under the direction of 2 coaches per team for this lift-a-thon event, and they will be raising money between now and July 23rd in various ways, such as working at certain businesses or helping at booths during certain festivals. These are just a few examples of ways in which these teams will work toward their fundraising goals. Wherever and whenever you see a Wildcat Football Player doing any of these things, we encourage you to give to it financially in whatever way that you can. The deadline for the players to turn in the money raised is June 18.


  • Steakout Dinner for the Wildcats

    Camden Wildcat Quarterback Club is hosting a Steakout dinner for the Wildcats. The dinner will be Saturday, March 17th. Meet and greet at 6:30 and dinner at 7:00. The event will be at the Camden Rec Dept. Tickets are $50/person. There will be dinner, door prizes and entertainment by our local celebrity comedian Carrie Paulk-Gay. Please come and support our Wildcat program. Tickets may be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce office in Kingsland or Jane Brown’s - State Farm office in Mariners Village. Please call 882-5454 or 552-4688 to reserve your tickets.

  • Salvation Army Bell Ringers

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